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Are you in search of Professional Development? We can help! Here are some of the areas we have supported (workshop design and delivery):

- Product Training (i.e. Edison / LEGO Leagues / MakeyMakey /, etc. products)

- Strategic / Roadmapping (goal setting and tactical action plans)

- Facilitation / Coaching (group and team empowerment)

- Innovation / Idea Generation (using a combination of tools and techniques)

- Team Building (adult / youths)

- Program Creation (camps / after school activities and clubs)

- Leadership / Executive Coaching

- Agile Methods

Have you met Edison, the Super Affordable Programmable Robot?

Contact Us to learn about:

- Unit and Bulk Edison robot pricing

- Professional Development (Edison)

  • Drag & Drop coding (EdBlocks)

  • Scratch-Based coding (EdScratch)

  • Text-Based programming (EdPy)

  • Innovation with EdCreate and LEGO bricks  

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