First Time Coaching?

I have been teaching business coaching skills for the last two decades. In the last few months I decided to fully focus my attention on empowering young minds and on supporting those adults that play key roles in these young children's lives.

On my Coaching journey, I have learned that:

- Coaching children is no different than coaching adults

- Children need supportive adults that will provide constructive feedback at the right time

- As an adult in a child's life, or as an adult on an adult team, you need to wear many hats, depending on the dynamics of the group/team, the objective and your style:

- - - Sometimes you are a Teacher ("Here are some ways to address this...")

- - - Sometimes you are a Mentor ("You did X, perhaps you can try Y next time?")

- - - Sometimes you are a Facilitator ("How would you best address this?")

- - - Sometimes you are an Observer ("You do it and I will offer my observations")

- - - Sometimes you are the Expert ("I will tell you what to do")

There are many other hats you can wear as a Coach. You need to decide what is best for the group/team you are coaching as well as the situation. Experiment and see what works.

Question: What hat are you wearing this week?

This is a new blog. Please let me know if it is useful and I can provide different segments every week. My intent is to write about Impactful Feedback next week. Let me know your thoughts and what topics you want to explore together!




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